Any Questions?

Are you the people who will perform at my event?

Yes, unlike some other quartets it is our policy to perform in person. Very occasionally, due to illness or other commitments, it may be necessary to substitute other players, but we only work with musicians of equal standing whose ability and professionalism is known to us.

Can you play out of doors?

Yes and No! String instruments are delicate and valuable things, often 200 years old or more, and should never be exposed to rain, sun or extremes of temperature. However, if we are given advance notice it may well be possible, provided that we are under cover and not in full sun.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes, the individual members of the Arioso Quartet have UK Public Liability Insurance to a level of indemnity of £10 million.

Do you play recorded music during breaks?

No, we believe that recorded music in the breaks detracts from our performance and the atmosphere of your event.

How far will you travel?

The Arioso Quartet is based in Dorset. Although most of our engagements are in the south and west of England, there is no limit to the distance we will travel. Please ask us for a quotation.

How many breaks do you take? How long are they?

We take 5 minutes break per hour; for example, in a three hour session, this might be taken as one break of 15 minutes.

How much space do you need?

Ideally, about 2 x 3 meters, although we have been known to squeeze into smaller spaces.

How will you dress for my wedding?

We can ‘dress up’ or ‘dress down’. The gentlemen of the quartet would normally wear dinner jackets, black or white at your choice, but we can wear dark suits, black or coloured shirts, or indeed full white tie and tails if you prefer.

Is it OK if you are filmed for inclusion in our wedding video?

We have no objection at all to being included in your wedding video. However, should your event be recorded or transmitted for television or other commercial use, we would naturally wish to reserve our media rights.

My favourite tune is not on your list. Will you be able to play it?

If it’s at all possible, yes we like to be able to do this for our clients. Please ask.

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What are your fees for a 3-hour reception?

We charge £515 for an engagement of up to 3 hours, plus extra for our travel costs and time if over 50 miles from our base (2017/18 rates). There are no travel charges to any venue in Dorset. Please ask us for a full quotation.

What instruments do you play?

Like all string quartets, the Arioso Quartet consists of two violins, a viola, and a cello.

What is the cost of engaging your quartet?

Our minimum fee is £400 (2015/16 rates). At present we do not charge VAT.

What is your cost for each additional hour?

£50 per half-hour after the first three hours (2017 rates). Higher charges may apply in some circumstances; for example, after midnight.

What is your payment/cancellation policy?

To secure your booking we will require you to sign and return a binding contract, and usually pay a deposit. Should you cancel the booking, any deposit will be non-refundable. Bookings cancelled within 30 days of the event will be charged our full fee (less travel where applicable). However for engagements booked more than three months in advance, no fee will be due and any deposit refunded should you cancel the booking within the first 14 days.

What type of music will you play?

The choice is yours! We will always be pleased to discuss your music in detail with you, and appreciate this is especially important when you’re selecting music for a wedding service or ceremony.

What type of sound system do you have?

None, a string quartet is purely acoustic and needs no sound system.

Will I need to provide any equipment or electrical power for you?

We do not need electric power for our instruments or for amplification, however we appreciate it if the lighting level in our playing area is adequate for us to read music. We will also require the use of four chairs without arms.