Church Wedding

In terms of the music, church weddings, of whichever denomination, can be rather different to civil ceremonies. For instance, sometimes there is the option of using the church organ for part of the service. Is this a good idea? That usually depends on the condition (tuning) of the organ and the ability of the organist! The size of the church is also an important factor; there’s no doubt that in large buildings the hymns are effective with organ accompaniment, however in smaller churches the string quartet can more than hold its own – indeed we’ve often been told how special it has been for the guests. Incidentally, we can play any hymn you choose. Can the quartet play along with the organ? Here we usually have to say it’s better not to – there can be drastic discrepancies of pitch and timing.

A few other points: wedding guests generally take their seats earlier than in civil weddings, so we recommend that we play for at least half-an-hour before the start; also obviously the restriction on religious music in civil ceremonies does not apply, although you should still discuss your music choices with your priest or minister. One personal observation, occasionally it can be remarkably difficult to find four chairs for the quartet!